Corporate Social Responsibility

With success comes responsibility, so we take care to reinvest in protecting and developing the communities within which we operate. We live and work in the communities where our operations are based and take our responsibilities to society seriously.

MMR Foundation runs projects in four key areas

We believe education is the single most powerful intervention for transforming lives. Knowledge and skills impact not only earnings, but self-esteem; not only the standard of living, but how life is lead. By bringing quality education to more people, we help to build a more tolerant, healthy and connected society. The primary objective of MMR Group is to support the developmental needs of marginalized communities in cities and towns where we have a large presence.

  • Education - especially primary education
  • Community Health - Innovation projects to meet local needs. Reaching out with basic healthcare to all
  • Sustainable livelihood Projects – Joining hands with all marginalized groups to increase livelihood opportunities, thus improving their quality of life
  • Rural Infrastructure Development - Need based quality infrastructure to improve quality of life